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Parental involvement

Learning cannot take place without significant parental support and involvement. The most successful students are those whose parents help them establish good practice habits within a positive environment. Ideally, one parent (the same parent each week) should attend lessons with the student and take note of what has taken place and what needs to be practised. For younger children in particular, the extent of parental involvement is extremely important and lessons cannot progress without it. Without practice and support, it is difficult for students to progress, while students who practice regularly with the support of parents experience "early success" and confidence.



If you and your child decide to proceed with piano lessons, it will involve in practical terms:


  • The student having access to an acoustic (not digital or electronic) piano

  • Daily practice on the piano (parent and child together)

  • The parent attending all lessons with the child

  • Establishing a happy and supportive learning environment at home

  • At least one teacher-parent meeting prior to the commencement of formal lessons


Please note: it is expected that piano students have access to a piano at home. Students cannot learn the correct technique or good sound production on a keyboard or digital piano.



Lessons are scheduled during public school terms and are not given on public holidays or during school camps (providing notification is given at the beginning of the term).


Rates for 2024:

Piano lessons: $45 per lesson (30 minutes)

Theory lessons: $45 per lesson (30 minutes)


Makeup Policy

Student are entitled to one makeup lesson per term. Makeup lessons are scheduled on the last Sunday of each term as a group masterclass, which gives students the opportunity to practice performing in front of an audience. If more than one lesson is missed, the lesson is forfeited and/or the student may wish to attend the group makeup the following term.

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