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Student Success

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With covid now behind us, 2023 has been a wonderful year full of opportunities and successes for my students who have achieved the following awards:

Bendigo Eisteddfod:

Jingyan W. 1st Prelim

Max B. 2nd Grade 1

Molly L. HM 12yrs, 1st Grade 7

Ringwood Eisteddfod:

Annie W. HM 6yrs

Molly L. HM 10 yrs

Monash Eisteddfod:

Molly L. HM 10yrs, HM 12 yrs

Yarram Eisteddfod:

Annie W. 1st 8yrs

Camilla B. 2nd 10 yrs, 2nd 12 yrs

Max B. 2nd, 10 yrs

Matthew C. 3rd 11yrs nov.

Jinghan W. 2nd 8 yrs, 2nd 9yrs

Vivienne T. 3rd 8 yrs, 1st 9 yrs

Vivienne & Evelyn T. 1st piano duet 10 yrs

Vivienne T. $50 most promising award

Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod:

Dylan C. 1st Grade 3, HM 10yrs jazz, HM 10yrs

Matthew C. 3rd 7yrs, HM prelim.

Camilla B. HM 10yrs

Max B. HM 9 yrs, 2nd 9 yrs jazz, HM Grade 1

Vivienne T. 3rd 9 yrs

Evelyn T. HM 7 yrs, 3rd prelim.

Aisling C. HM 14yrs study, 3rd 12-14 yrs nov.

Molly L. 3rd 14 yrs study, 3rd 10yrs, 1st 10 yrs jazz

Molly L. Ken Griffiths $100 encouragement award


National Bernstein Piano competition

Molly L. Finalist in the National Bernstein comp.

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