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​Piano lessons

I provide face to face piano lessons during after-school hours and weekends or during school hours for homeschoolers. Piano lessons focus on establishing good technique and musical expression through a variety of genres and repertoire within the mostly classical tradition. I encourage students to perform in concerts, eisteddfods and exams where appropriate. Most students find these experiences exciting and enjoyable and many receive positive feedback and awards through participating (see my student success page). Motivated students can move rapidly through the repertoire and it is not uncommon for younger students to be performing high level repertoire while still in their primary school years provided good practice routines are in place.

Lessons take place on a Bernstein BHG151 Baby Grand.


Duration: 30-45 minutes

Online lessons

In addition to face to face lessons, I also provide online piano and theory lessons using Skype or Whatsapp. Online lessons can be taken permanently (for students living remotely) or as a replacement for face to face lessons in cases or illness or temporary absence.

Music theory lessons

Theory lessons are conducted on a one to one basis. I have experienced an increasing demand for lessons of this kind due to the additional requirements for AMEB practical exams (see below). Lessons are 30 minutes long and involve working through a specified theory of music text, practising Italian terms every week, and revising with traditional paper-based and/or online practice exams.


AMEB examination*            AMEB additional requirement

G6 Practical Pass                G2 Theory of Music or Musicianship or Music Craft

G7 Practical Pass                G3 Theory of Music or Musicianship or Music Craft

G8 Practical Pass                G4 Theory of Music or Musicianship or Music Craft

AMusA Practical Pass        G5 Theory of Music or Musicianship or Music Craft

LMusA Practical Pass        G6 Theory of Music or Musicianship or Music Craft


* Table from “Additional and Prerequisite Requirements”, ‘Regulations’, Australian Music Examinations Board


Duration: 30 minutes


Research & essay consultations

I provide research and essay consultations for VCE and university-level students wanting feedback on music history projects and essay writing. Feedback is limited to what can be achieved in one hour and the priorities or needs of the student but it can involve locating appropriate resources relevant to the student's topic, forming an effective research strategy, citing sources (formulating footnotes or endnotes) and constructing bibliographies, feedback on writing and structuring essays, editing and proofreading.


Duration: 1 hour

Molly (10 year old) performing "The Man I Love" by Gershwin in Concert

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